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Building self esteem in girls and cultivating the mommy-daughter relationship

with Dr. Monica Moore
Board-Certified Pediatrician

New Book

No Longer Afraid | Malia White & Monica White
In No Longer Afraid by mother and daughter, Malia and Monica White, four brave children learn effective methods for managing and overcoming their fears. Their stories can inspire and empower others to build the courage they need to conquer their fears too.

Our Mission

To curate experiences that cultivate healthy mommy/daughter relationships and build positive self-esteem

Our Core Values

Instilling confidence
Building Integrity
Promoting Resilience
Self Empowerment
Fostering relationships


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About the Founder

I am Dr. Monica Moore, a Board Certified Pediatrician, wife and mother. I am passionate about helping moms raise confident, caring, compassionate and conscious daughters.
More About Dr. Monica Moore

Why Girls Growing Gracefully?

By Dr. Monica
I help busy moms gain the time freedom to properly care for themselves, cultivate healthy relationships and build positive self esteem in their daughters. As a pediatrician, I understand the importance of building confidence and self-esteem in our children. As a busy mom, I understand the challenge of trying to balance work and home and family responsibilities as well as the importance of finding time to raise and empower a daughter.

This is why I created Girls Growing Gracefully . I want to ensure that every girl has the confidence and courage to boldly live life unapologetically, free from guilt and shame. I want to empower young girls to lead successful and productive lives and in turn teach others like them to do the same all while cultivating the mother/daughter relationship. Through meaningful and engaging workshops and retreats, Girls Growing Gracefully aims to build, restore and preserve the mother/daughter bond while developing confident girls.

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