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Meet Dr. Monica

CEO and Founder of Girls Growing Gracefully
A 501c3 Non Profit Organization

Who I am:

I am a believer in Christ, devoted wife, loving mother and I am passionate about uplifting and empowering others.

Why I created Girls Growing Gracefully:
The relationship between a mother and daughter is one of the most important and special bonds that exists. Each time I hear my daughter say “Mommy, I love you!”, my heart swells immediately. My response is always, “Mommy loves you so much!”.

I want my daughter to not only daily hear these words, but my desire is that she constantly feels the effects of my deep and unconditional love for her. I strive to do this by engaging in thought provoking and intimate conversations, planning intentional and undistracted girl time, and providing consistent exposure to new and memorable experiences.The goals I have for my relationship with my daughter align with the mission of my organization.

Growing up I was surrounded by the love, nurturing, support and encouragement of my mother and grandmother. They graciously extended this love to me and all of those around them, modeling for me early in life the true meaning of altruism. My emotional intelligence grew as a result of both of them providing a safe and comfortable space for me to freely express my feelings. I have been called an old soul because at a young age I would often spend hours in conversations with my elders. An enduring trait that I have gained from my mom is that of care taker. I watched my mom’s tireless and selfless efforts to comfort and care for her mother who spent countless days in the hospital in her courageous fight with cancer, gaining her wings in 1996.

One of the hardest things I had to witness was my mother’s intense grief over the loss of her mother, her best friend, confidant and role model. It left a void in her life I know will never be filled. My grandmother did leave her however with so much, one of which is a deep love of Christ and humanity. What makes me smile and provides me solace and peace is the knowledge that when she was alive, we all shared so many happy moments. The bond they shared was unbreakable and inspiring to witness. I am extremely grateful a similar bond has been created between me and my mom and I am now working to create and maintain this same connection with my own daughter.

Watching their relationship showed me how I wanted to parent my own child. With love and affection and a strong sense of self. I realize just how fortunate I was to have had these experiences and a model for healthy and intentional parenting. I know too that this is not a shared human experience for so many mother/daughter relationships. I know that many daughters and mothers are longing for a renewed relationship with each other. I know that they are longing for a deeper connection.

This realization is what compelled me to create Girls Growing Gracefully. I want to encourage mothers and daughters to engage, develop a strong self of and form meaningful and lasting relationships. It is my goal to create a safe space for mothers and daughters to learn, grow and share together and build, restore and preserve the mother/daughter bond.

The relationship we cultivate with our daughters builds their self esteem and helps carve out every other relationship in their lives.

The way we speak to our daughters, interact with and motivate them, shapes their emotional well being. We can either break them down or build them up with our words and actions. It is also important that we moms possess a strong belief in our own worth and abilities. My aim is to provide the framework for emotionally well balanced, confident, brave and courageous daughters and mothers, all comfortable in their own skin and unapologetic about who they are.
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